Ms. Moza Al-Qaatari, Director of Girls and Sign Language Expert, revealed that the Center is currently making efforts to publish awareness-raising content in sign language about the issue of Palestine, as awareness-raising videos have been published on social media and Qatari media outlets. She noted in exclusive statements to Al-Raya that these efforts aim to spread awareness and solidarity with the Palestinian case among the deaf in Qatar and abroad.

The Director of the center said that work is underway to highlight the importance of communication between deaf people and translators for a deeper understanding of the Palestinian case and ways to contribute to supporting it. She announced that the center is planning to organize additional awareness lectures about Palestine and the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque in cooperation with experts and specialists in the Palestinian case, as these efforts are part of the Centre’s commitment to enhancing awareness of humanitarian and global issues and supporting the Palestinian case in light of the challenges this case faces. In this context, she praised the efforts of the Centre’s female translators working in the area of conveying information in sign language.

Regarding the most prominent events held by Qatari Social Cultural Center for Deaf in this context, she said that the center had held a valuable lecture given by Dr. Mona Al-Kuwari, during which the focus was on the Palestinian Case and the conditions therein. She pointed out that this lecture witnessed positive interaction from the audience, and those who attended expressed their desire to contribute to supporting the Palestinian people and their willingness to donate funds and provide the necessary assistance to support the Palestinian case.

In addition, she noted that Qatari Cultural Center for Deaf and Sign Language Awareness in the State of Qatar will organize a number of various awareness events and activities, as usual, for the benefit of its members, as it spares no effort in continuing its activities throughout the year in order to enrich the culture of the deaf and support them artistically and culturally as part of its efforts in the area of social responsibility, and with the continuous efforts of the Chairman of the BOD, Mr. Abdullah Al-Mulla, she indicated at the same time that the center is determined to continue participating in art exhibitions that provide an opportunity to display the creativity and skills of deaf girls in a variety of artistic and craft areas, as it is among the goals of the center to discover the latent abilities of girls, identifying their gifts, and enriching their abilities in areas that they are interested in, such as sewing, paintings, accessories, and many other works. The activities held in this context are an expression of the creativity and dedication of these girls.