Under the auspices of the Minister of Culture and Sports, Mr. Salah bin Ghanim Al Ali, Youth Hobbies Center organizes “Photo Forum” for the first time in Qatar on the occasion of the First Qatar Photography Day, on March, 7 at the Center’s headquarters at the cultural village, Katara, building 18. The Ministry of Culture and Sports had reported that a Day for Photography Qatari was designated on the first Saturday of March every year, with the first edition being celebrated this year on March, 7. 13 trainers and lecturers from Qatar and other countries will participate in the “Photo Forum” to deliver 12 lectures and workshops for the benefit of 1300 trainees and participants. 10 training hours were designated for the lectures, workshops and practical applications, to be given by a range of local and international trainers; namely: Aref Al-Ammari, Dr. Ahmed Hassan, Richard Bentley, Jared Smith, Shadi Eida, Muhammad Ali, Abdullah Al-Shayji, Hussain Al-Sadah, Abdul Rahman Al-Maadadi, Abdul Rahman Abel, Reem Al-Bader, Kamal Naji, and Abdul Rahman Al-Qahtani, provided that the workshops will be offered in both Arabic and English.
In this context, Fatima Al Emadi, Chair of the forum and assistant of the head of photography section at the Youth Hobbies Center, said: “Photo Forum” is a youth initiative and concept introduced by the members of the Center; with a view to designate a day for Qatari Photography to be the first of its kind in Qatar.
The team, she added, developed the idea of the initiative one year ago, and it was well worked on and the initiative was supported by a number of sponsors. She noted that the Forum will have several sideline activities; primarily, the inauguration of a new “Cannon”, being the second on the level of the Middle East. The Forums aims to highlight the significance of photography, enhance the role of photography in Qatar, encourage mutual acquaintance among photographers, provide an opportunity for the exchange of experience among photographers, encourage the new and beginner photographers to be engaged in the world of photography and give exposure of the Youth Hobbies Center and its role in supporting photographers. Moreover the Forum is considered an experience sharing seminar for photographers to demonstrate their capacity in order to advance in the world of photography in Qatar. Free registrat
She added: Those wishing to join the youth center will be registered without fees and issued immediately, as well as various prizes to attend the workshops and lectures, which are professional cameras, instant cameras, photo lights, photo printers, and prizes from Kafrati. And a competition will be held on social networking sites including Instagram, provided that its prize is a professional camera, in addition to valuable prizes distributed during the workshops and lectures. Free and immediate membership registration will be available for those who wish to become members of the Youth Hobbies Center. In addition, A range of prizes will be provided for attendance of workshops and lectures; professional cameras, Instant cameras, photo lights, photo printers, and prizes from Kafrati. A contest will be conducted on social media platforms including Instagram and the prize will be a professional camera. This is in addition to the valuable prizes that will be distributed during workshops and lectures.

Several events will be held in concomitance with the Forum, including photography equipment bazar, external studio, interactive mobile photography studio, instant camera photography studio, camera inspection and cleaning, free photo printing, and antique cameras exhibition. It is noteworthy that the sponsors for the first edition of the “Photo Forum” include: Qatar4Cam (Platinum Sponsor), Fuji, Al Salam and Canon (Golden Sponsors), Kafrati, Nikon School, Ettizan Center, and Seventy Eight Restaurant (Silver Sponsors), Tebyan and Outbox (Organizational Sponsors), NadeebQa (Media Sponsor), and the Cultural Village Foundation “Katara” (Cultural Sponsor). Sponsors and trainers will be honored at the end of the Forum day in the Forums closing ceremony which will also witness interactive competitions for the audience and valuable prizes will be distributed to all attendees.