The Qatar Media Center of the Ministry of Culture organized a training workshop entitled (Effective Social Communication) presented by Ahmed Al-Shuaibi at the Center’s headquarters and in which a number of trainees participated.

The workshop included several axes, including channels of communication with the public, in which the trainer was introduced to the most important channels of communication with the public, the difference between them and the tools required for each of them.

The workshop also dealt with the importance of understanding the audience and its details, knowing the nature of the target group from communicating with it and the most important points it prefers.

The workshop devoted a theme related to the importance of continuing to communicate with the public and the need to change methods to ensure effective communication.

The training workshop touched on the importance of interacting with the audience and not leaving a gap with it because of its importance in giving the audience the space they want.

Ms. Iman Al-Kaabi, Director of the Qatar Media Center, said that communication with the public is among the skills that should be available in the media regardless of the position in which he works, and it is one of the most important skills that a media person should master, and therefore the workshop complements these skills through the themes she addressed.

Al-Kaabi confirmed that the Qatari Media Center of the Ministry of Culture seeks, through these workshops and training courses, to contribute to preparing media professionals, those wishing to work in the media, or even influencers on digital platforms, with the necessary skills to exercise their media and social role.