The Qatari Media Centre of the Ministry of Culture, in cooperation with the Qatar Technical School for Girls, organized a workshop entitled “Speech skills and speaking art”, which was presented by Iman Al Kaabi, the Director of Qatar Media Centre. The workshop, which showed a great interaction and acceptance by female students and teachers of the Technical School for Girls, touched on a number of themes that enable the speaker to possess talk skills without fear or feeling afraid in front of a gathering of the audience.

The workshop also touched on the most important skills that the speaker should have to be a good speaker, as well as the mechanisms to convince the audience of what is put forward by the speaker and the skills that enable the speaker to be persuasive in putting it forward.

The tutor Iman Al-Kaabi addressed how to resist the speaker’s shame, especially with regard to his ability to stand in front of the public without fear, which gives him greater fluency in addressing and convincing attendees. The body movements during the talk had some interest in the workshop, with the instructor identifying Kaabi’s belief in the body movements required during the presentation and those that were exaggerated and should be avoided. Iman Al Kaabi, Director of Qatar Media Center, said that the workshop was distinguished by the large presence of students and some members of the teaching staff, as this large presence and its interaction contributed greatly to the success of the workshop.

She expressed her pleasure at this cooperation between Qatar Media Centre and Qatar Technical School, stressing the Center’s desire to open cooperation with any entity wishing to take advantage of the Center’s potential in the field of training and media development.