The Qatari media center of the Ministry of Culture organized a training workshop entitled: (The impact of advertising on the public). Which was presented by the certified trainer Sumaya Tisha, at the headquarters of the center. The workshop, which witnessed a wide participation, included several axes through which the trainer sought to provide a certain vision regarding the magnitude of the impact that advertising plays on the audience. The workshop dealt with the definition of the concept of (advertising) or publicity, what is its nature and its advantages over other media materials published by various media outlets. The workshop also touched on the development of advertising media over time and how and the different tools on which advertising is based. The workshop participants got acquainted with the types of advertising and its role in the process of influence and influence.

Iman Alkaabi, director of the Qatar Media Center, said that this workshop comes within the framework of the renewal of advertising concepts in our current era and the great use of social media in advertising promotion, which is a necessity to understand the nature of advertising for media professionals. She pointed out that the nature of the workshops and training courses organized by the center comes from studying and knowing the nature of the skills to be provided in the media field, stressing that such training workshops represent an important addition for all workers in this field.