The Qatari Media Center, affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, organized a training entitled (Television Terminology), presented by journalist Wahiba Bouhalayes for two days.

The training, which saw a high demand for registrations, covered several topics, including the television sections, on which the trainer spoke and presented the most important sections on which any television channel is based, as well as the bulletin information as a basic theme. of training, because it is one of the most important pillars on which television channels rest.

The training also covered the most important and well-known news terms, essential for any reporter or journalist working in television, as well as a set of terms known in television technical departments and the need to familiarize themselves with them, as well as summaries of television work to give the student an overall idea of television work and what it represents as an influential medium and its role in shaping public opinion.

The training participants interacted with what was presented through participation and the questions asked, and the training represented for them a qualitative addition to their experiences, as well as the diverse and multiple topics it included which given a greater dimension. in understanding television work.

Ms. Iman Al Kaabi, Director of Qatar Media Center, expressed satisfaction with the wide participation in the training course during the opening of registrations, noting that the courses offered by the Center often manage to attract participants due to the information valuable and practical information, so practices that give the participant the capacity to benefit and learn.

Al-Kaabi stressed that the center wants to ensure that the courses it offers constitute a qualitative complement to the experiences of media professionals, as well as those who wish to know the secrets of working in the media and increase the experiences of their workers. through trainers accredited by the center.

The Director of the Qatar Media Center explained that the Center wants to choose its courses and trainers very carefully because of the impact it has on increasing interactions and opening the way for everyone who wants to work in the media so that these courses are a qualitative addition to them.

Al-Kaabi revealed a new course that will be announced in a few days, and asked those interested in enrolling in the center’s upcoming courses to follow the center’s digital platforms to inquire and register.

It is worth noting that the Qatar Media Center, affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, offers various and comprehensive training courses in the field of media, journalism and various media skills, and these courses are completely free.