The Qatar Forum for Authors held a discussion session to shed light on Maryam Al-Hammadi’s Writings: My Identity Is My Qatar, My Qatar and the Blessings, Reading in His Highness’ Speeches, After the Blockade, and Identity and Nationality.

Author Salah Gharib opened the discussion by talking about Al-Hammadi’s role in launching books published by the Forum’s members, and how she always puts others ahead of herself. It is her commitment and selflessness that motivated the Forum’s members to organize this session, especially because Al-Hammadi did not hold launching events for most of her own books.

Al-Hammadi started her comments by talking about her book My Identity Is My Qatar. She noted that the book aims to highlight efforts to demonstrate national identity, particularly during the blockade. The book also reflects the state’s view of national identity. Her experience in education gave her a unique vantage point to the practical applications of the state’s views on national identity. Her objective was to shed light on these concepts and possible ways to measure national identity.

Regarding her book Reflections on His Highness’ Speeches, Al-Hammadi commented that it builds on her preceding book, as the new book delves into the nature of identity, tradition, and development. She added that her books aim to make His Highness’ speeches more accessible to people in ways that make our social roles and responsibilities clear to everyone.