The Qatari Forum for Authors announced yesterday the release of a new collection of books and other publications at the 31st Doha International Book Fair. The book fair, with the theme “Knowledge is Light,” is scheduled to continue until January 22nd at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center. The new collection includes publications on diverse literary and cultural issues. It includes Dr. Haya Al-Midadi’s new book The Art of Organizing Conferences, which offers a new framework for organizing conferences as well as materials and ideas that can help readers better understand the political, intellectual, and cultural aspects of conferences. The book serves diverse strategic, scientific, economic, and business interests.


Dr. Haya Al-Midadi commented that, “The book is based on the premise that Qatar is an inspiration and an outstanding model in the field of organizing international conferences.” The book is in three chapters detailing the history of conferences in Arab culture and describing examples of many successful international conferences held in Qatar. She emphasized that the book is a manual for anyone interested in learning about organizing conferences.


The new collection also includes Fruit of the Heart, a novel by Jabir Al-Atiq, published by Dar Al-Watad, and East-West: The Heart, the Last Narrative, a collection of literary texts by Ahmed Mohammed Al-Alawi. The texts are inspired by East-West/West-East, a sculpture by Richard Serra.


Among the publications in the new collection is Vision, a collection of short stories by Dr. Khaled Abdul Jabar, who explained, “It is a collection of narrative texts exploring hypothetical situations in which I see myself from the perspectives of those who suffers.” Another publication is the English translation of The Butterfly Effect, a young adult book for readers aged 10-15. Andalus Ibrahim, author of The Butterfly Effect, emphasized that she encourages adolescents to read and to have life goals. Her book is an attempt to share positive messages with young readers. The Qatari Forum for Authors also released The Art of Writing Essays: Foundations of Essay Writing for Beginners, a book by Wafa Al-Yami.