The Qatari Forum of Authors launched within its Ramadan program “Lataif” (Good Personal Deeds in Ramadan) initiative, which provides people with basic messages of guidance to maximize their benefit from the blessed days of Ramadan, and reduce the many distractions leading to the unappreciation of the value of this holy month. “Lataif” initiative is prepared and presented by journalist Mohammed Al-Shabrawi, and broadcast daily on the Forum’s social media platforms.

In the first episode, which was broadcast on the first day of Ramadan, entitled “Mahatat” (Stations), Al-Shabrawy stressed on the fact that life is a journey that is interspersed with a group of stations, starting with birth and ending with death, and throughout the journey we face various feelings between pain, distress and anger to the point of breakdown and depression sometimes, and that the stations of goodness and seasons of obedience come to heal our wounds pain. He urged all to seize the opportunity of this month and increase our balance of obedience. The second episode was titled “Tathakaroohom” (Remember Them), a message to remember those who left us and are now resting in peace in their graves, whose good deeds are no longer there except what hey left of an ongoing charity or a supplication by their loved ones. He called on listeners to pray to God to have mercy on them and forgive them. The third episode was entitled “Absher”. It is noteworthy that the program is a collection of daily messages for fasting people. These messages discuss the feelings of the fasting person and his/her daily life, be it personally or in the work environment and social life, as well as other behaviors associated with fasting, and what the fasting person should do in the holy month of Ramadan.