The Qatari Forum for Authors held a virtual workshop on story writing in children’s literature. The workshop was presented by the Iraqi poet Qassem Saudi, a creative coach and owner of “Masabeeh” publications for children’s books in Baghdad, in the presence of a large number of participants and those interested in writing. The workshop is part of the project set to identify and develop talents in the field of creative writing, and its aim is to teach the participants how to write the short story for children by unlocking the potential of imagination and pushing their thinking direction to ways of innovation, creativity and renewal in telling the short story to children, in addition to discussing the narrative language, emotionally approaching the duality of contemporary sense and enlightenment, and employing the oral memory and the manifestations of the story in the aesthetic living of the event and exploration. A detailed explanation was presented by the workshop leader on the concept of children’s literature writing and the major aspects, characteristics, narrative, artistic and stylistic forms of children short story. A wide range of children’s short story lovers participated in some written reflections on emotions, narrative-based, concept-based and hands-on exercises.