The Qatari Forum for Authors announced the launch of the “Ethics of the Prophet, PBUH” program to shed the light on the biography of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and his honorable companions and to draw lessons from his ethics.


The first episode of the new program was entitled “Nasmat” prepared by Mr. Mohammad Al- Shabrawi and presented by Mr. Salem Al-Jahoushi in which he reviewed examples of the life of the prophet, his morals and dealing with wives and his household in addition to his interaction with his companions and his love to them.


Mr. Salem Al-Jahoushi said, “Prophet Mohammad, (PBUH), is the name by which the world is happy and it has the right to be happy as he is characterized by his mercy and blessing”.


He added, “Here is the mother of believers Aisha, my God be pleased with her, who summarized his description in three words when she said “His nature and character is Quran”. This is an overall description that demonstrates endless descriptions. He (PBUH) was a Qur’an walking on earth, guidance and light sent by Almighty God”.


He said that the prophet (PBUH) lived forty years before revelation and he didn’t have any manners of the pre-Islamic era that would undermine the majesty of his prestige or his appearance. He was disciplined by God, so He (God) disciplined him well. He is the first one in the nation who uttered the truth in the Arabian Peninsula and he called for Allah and he used to laugh at the boy and comfort him when his bird died even with the opposing and stubborn ones. He took the path of wisdom and good exhortation and arguing in the best way.


He said, “Despite the heavy burden and difficult consequences, the smile on his face, PBUH, was like the sun at the heart of the day. He joked and only said the truth. He used soft words and didn’t deviate from the truth and he looked at his companions with a smile while he said “Your mother was jealous” for he was a model and sign for humanity and he is a good example for us by a divine command and reasons for taking him as an ideal example include his character which Almighty God purified saying “And you are of a great character”.


Mr. Salem Al-Jahoushi concluded his speech saying “In the spaciousness of his morals we live and from his flowers we pick and with him we are guided until we meet him in paradise.”


The Qatari Forum for Authors launches weekly episodes that are broadcasted every Wednesday evening through its YouTube Channel in which morals of Prophet, PBUH, are reviewed with a focus on a specific title and events from his great biography.


The Qatari Forum for Authors invited writers and authors to invest in the Prophet’s biography especially in the field of children’s literature to convey and communicate this balanced moral human thought and to provide youth with experiences about this great personality not only for Muslims but for every mindful and wise person.