The Qatari Forum for Authors in cooperation with Dar Al-Sharq Group launched a new cultural initiative in the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan entitled “Visit Our Literary Heritage Through a Book”, supervised by author Hamad Al-Tamimi, Director of Youth Programs at the Forum. The initiative comes as part of the efforts exerted to highlight the Arab literary heritage and benefit from it in enriching the linguistic knowledge scopes of young writers. The first session examined Al-Bukhala’ book by Al-Jahidh. It was presented by Dr. Yahya Al-Mahdi; a lecturer at Qatar University who gave a brief overview of the richness of Arab literary history. Dr. Al-Mahdi said that Arab history is rich with many books which collectively constituted a literary and cultural reserve, have always been important references to researchers and academics, and have been a source of inspiration at the level of the development of both the Arabic language and culture. He stressed that Al-Bukhala by Al-Jahidh is characterized by its rich content that is full of wisdom, moral guidance, interesting themes, and knowledge usefulness, which makes the book a reference for researchers and readers. He, finally, explained that Al-Jahidh is one of the prominent scholars of literature who wrote poetry with Al-Asma’i and Abu Zeid Al-Ansari, gained his knowledge in grammar from Abu Al-Hassan Al-Akhfash, and learned the Islamic scholastic theology from Ibrahim Al-Nitham. He concluded that Al-Jahidh had a nice character of friendly behavior with a talent to tell sarcastic jokes and wit; and this is why people loved to sit with him to enjoy his talk.