Qatari Forum for Authors continues its activities remotely during the holy month of Ramadan. A lecture was held under the title “Promoting Qatari Identity by Paying Atttention Time and its Usage”, by Dr. Dera Al-Dossary. Writer, Dera Al-Dossary began his speech by differentiating between time management and time investment. He gave some tips to achieve this investment in a manner that promotes the national identity in the family and society, stressing how managing times effectively contributes to promoting the national identity.
He called for the importance of instilling the proverb “Time Is Life”. Taking advantage of time contributes to promoting the national identity. The first aspect of investing time lies in doing things that please Allah- Almighty- and His messenger (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) and everything benefiting the society.
Dr. Al-Dosari presented five tips for investing time. Specifically, to reject everything that can waste time, emphasizing the importance of flexibility in investing time, to avoid using phone applications to implement plans to avoid phone hacking or losing, and to avoid activeness on social media during implementing key things as well as the need to well plan tasks to be accomplished.
Al-Dossary said that taking all of this into account would contribute to investing time, either in writing books or volunteering; thus contributing to promoting the national identity.

In this regard, Dr. Dera Al-Dossary warned of the risk of wasting time using social media. He pointed to statistics that he conducted personally on some users of these sites the and number of hours they used such sites. It was shown that these sites are used for a period ranging between 4 to 5 hours a day. “It is a time that can be invested in writing books or community volunteering.”
He said that the problem is not at the time itself as much as it is in investing it. Good planning to perform the required tasks lies in investing time and focusing on the most important priorities, and avoiding from obstacles and distractions.
Furthermore, he touched on methods of time management . Time Management lies in organizing time and reorganizing things within the same household. This is in addition to performing tasks, organizing individuals and determining the tasks assigned to each one.
Dr. Al-Dosari specified time management methods as follows, to organize oneself, things, tasks and individuals. This is in addition to following the warrior’s approach to protect time from being wasted until focus and production are achieved. If you are overwhelmed by a set of requests, you need to take a very firm stance, either by isolating yourself by your secretary, closed doors or assigning tasks to others.
He concluded his speech by tackling things that waste time, on the top of which is procrastination. It has to be eliminated and confronted with performing the work quickly, while arranging the work place in a manner that encourages performance. This shall prevent distorsion. Dr. Al-Dosari stressed that it is necessary to avoid messy  ambience and habituation.