The Ministry of Culture, represented by the Qatari Forum for Authors, resumed the “Author and Book” sessions after putting them on hold during the Doha International Book Fair, where a new session was held within the framework of the Forum’s keenness to introduce the works of creative writers in Qatar. The session, which was moderated by Mr. Saleh Ghareeb, Director of Programs at the Forum, discussed a book titled “A Journey in the World of Diamonds” by author Enas Muhammad Fayez Jamous.

According to the author, the book is the first thorough book in this field to be published in Arabic on diamonds, due to the fact that the specialized geological institutes issue their scholarly reports only in English, French or Russian. She added that  the book is a scholarly attempt to offer documented Arabic authentic information about this precious stone. She, furthermore, explained that the book falls in an introduction and 4 chapters. In the first chapter, the author surveys the history of diamonds, the foundational origin of it, the difference between diamonds and coal, and its sources in nature. The second chapter tackles the formation and exploration of diamonds, and the most important producing countries. In the third chapter, the classification of diamond quality, purity and physical properties is addressed.   The last chapter sheds light on the world of synthetic diamonds.