During its participation at the Doha International Book Fair, the Qatari Forum for Authors announced a package of new publications as part of its support for all writers and intellectuals in Qatar and abroad, and in belief in the important role of these literary innovators in enriching the local and Arab cultural movement. The new releases included a book titled “From Qatar’s Maritime Heritage” by Jassim Abdul Rahman Al-Mannai; tackling an important aspect of the heritage of our ancestors during the pearl diving eras.


The “Guardians of Grief” by Amir Taj al-Ser was also released during the Fair, in which the author says in his introduction: “You may have been full of happiness, but you are actually full of sadness. Maybe you noticed the faces that laugh crying, maybe you didn’t, they’re the stories of painful reality and imagination.”


The Forum also announced the new release of a book by academic and media researcher Dr. Khalid Al-Jaber under the title “Qatari-American Relations: A Span of Half-Century”, co-authored by His Excellency Patrick Nicholas Theroux, former U.S. Ambassador to Doha and former President of the Qatar-U.S. Business Council. The book provides systematic historical monitoring of the nature, growth and development of relations between Qatar and the United States over the past decades, and provides a comprehensive review of the various and multiple areas of cooperation and partnership in the political, defense, economic, educational, cultural and humanitarian aspects between the two countries.


Finally, the Forum highlighted the new release of a book titled “Technological Activities to Break the Classroom Deadlock” by Dr. Mona Ibrahim Hamdan, deputy director at the Ministry of Education, trainer, author and life skills expert, and Professor Amina Yusuf, deputy director at the Ministry of Education, trainer and author. The book is the second by the two authors after the success of their first book in the Arab world and the United States of America under the title “Various Activities to Break the Classroom Deadlock” presenting practical and applied activities for direct learning lessons. The new book contains the most important websites used in training, education and life for trainers, teachers and readers in distance learning programs and training activities. It includes more than 25 free websites and a number of websites that support Arabic as well.