The Qatari Forum for Authors of the Ministry of Culture discussed a book titled “Thoughts Across My Mind” by Hassa Abdul Rahman, published by Rosa Publishing House, as part of the weekly “Author and Book” event broadcast on the Forum’s YouTube channel.

Hassa Abdul Rahman, a student in the final stage of secondary education, said that she identified her writing talent in 2016, then she decided two years later to issue “Thoughts Across My Mind”, noting that thoughts are always close to the readers and attract them because they are based on real and honest feelings. The young writer also noted that she received support and encouragement from her family members who believed in her talent, especially her parents who instilled in her the love of reading that greatly enriched her imagination.

She, moreover, explained that when she started writing, she was not thinking about publishing and that she was only writing out of her personal interest.  However, people’s admiration of her writings encouraged her to enter the world of books publishing, she added.  Finally, during the session, which was moderated by Mr. Saleh Ghraib, Hassa read excerpts from her book.