As part of the fifth episode of the “Your Languages” initiative, the Qatari Forum for Authors discussed the importance of translation to and from Arabic. The episode was presented by the Qatari writer and journalist Dr. Abdullah Faraj Al-Marzouqi, and moderated by Dr. Ahmed Al-Janabi, a linguist.

During the event, Dr. Al-Marzouki stressed on the importance of translation, which greatly serves languages, including Arabic and Islam, and serves humanity, as there are many common words between different languages. He pointed out that the most important books throughout history, including “Cures for Souls and Reform of Characters” by Bin Hazm Alandalusi, went through many experiences, which increased their value and richness. Dr. Al-Marzouki also pointed out that Arabic has been a source for many cultures and countries that are rich in Arabic calligraphy, as characterized by the diversity of writing styles.

For his part, Dr. Al-Janabi called for the promotion of the Arabic language and the protection of Arab and Islamic identity, and praised the efforts made by the institutions of the State of Qatar in this regard.