With more than 50 authors of different ages and nationalities residing in Qatar, the periodic meeting of the Qatari Forum for Authors was held at the Ministry of Culture to discuss authors’ aspirations and expectations.

During the meeting, the authors attending exchanged points of views regarding the reality of culture and the ways through which the forum and its members can participate in and promote cultural movement.

Members of the Forum discussed a number of proposals they submitted regarding future activities and events that would contribute to improving literary and intellectual publications as well as supporting rising talents.

Additionally, a number of projects that will be carried out in cooperation and coordination with various cultural institutions in the State of Qatar were agreed upon. These projects would serve authors and culture in general.

On the sidelines of this meeting, Dr. Hala Al Saeed, a writer and director of the Doha International Center for Special Needs, honored Mrs. Maryam Yassin Al Hammadi, Director of Qatar Forum for Authors, for her efforts in the service of authors and for the cooperation of the forum with authors and encouraging them to be creative.

On her part, Mrs. Al Hammadi reviewed the forum’s guidelines and plan for the upcoming period, as well as the most prominent cultural projects the forum is currently completing.

At the end of this meeting, it was agreed to hold a second meeting next week to follow up with the members ’proposals and to develop an integrated action plan that reflects the vision of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Forum on the one hand and responds to the expectations of the authors and serve their interests on the other.

The Qatari Forum for Authors continues its cultural activities as a cultural body affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Sports. It aims at caring for authors and especially targeting the upgrade their cultural level, in accordance with the Minister of Culture and Sports Resolution No. (91) of 2018, establishing the Qatari Forum for Authors and approving its Articles and Memorandum of Association.