Yesterday, the Qatari Forum for Authors held the “Authors Live” event as part of the activities of National Sports Day 2022. The Forum members gathered in Aspire Park, in the presence of the writer, Ms. Maryam Yassin Al Hammadi, Director General of the Qatari Forum for Authors, Director of Culture and Arts Department at the Ministry of Culture. The authors presented contributions to the followers of the channels of the Qatari Forum for Authors to learn about another aspect of writers, and to confirm their role in enhancing the culture of society, especially maintaining good health through the practice of sport. The members played some of the games available in Aspire Park, in addition to walking, along with other sports that inspire vitality and activity, adhering to all the precautionary measures adopted in place.

The Forum’s participation in National Sports Day was driven by the fact that it is an important national event, and a key component in the health strategy of the State of Qatar, due to the importance of sports for all, as it enhances rapprochement among members of the Qatari society. This insight was reflected in the writings of many writers, who dealt with sports in their various publications with a view to raising awareness of the significance of practicing sports.

The writer Mervat Ibrahim described the celebration of the Qatari Authors’ Forum on the National Sports Day as an important activity, reflecting the forum’s interest in the major national events observed in the country.

The writer Khadija Al-Matari said that she has two publications on sports, addressed to school students, since practicing sports is an objective with great social and human value.

Professor Saleh Gharib delivered a speech to encourage writers to exercise and spend this day in an athletic fashion, while the writer Dr. Abdullah Faraj Al-Marzouki described this meeting as both cultural and sports-oriented.

The writer, Maryam Al Hammadi, called for helping children to refrain from watching their electronic devices and taking them to benefit from this important sports event to change their lifestyle away from individual screens, and take advantage of the resources made available by the State in the many various facilities.