On the occasion of the International Day of Friendship corresponding to the 30th of July, the Qatar Forum for Authors will organize on Tuesday 28th July, 2020 a special session entitled “Translation and Promoting Cultural Exchange between Peoples” to be broadcast on the YouTube channel. A group of writers from Qatar and abroad will participate in the session to talk about their experiences in translation. The Director General of the Qatari Forum for Authors, Professor Mariam Yasin Al-Hamadi, will start this special session, which is divided into two sub-meetings with a speech to welcome the guests. Then, Director of Publications and Translation Management, Mr. Mohamed Hassan Al-Kuwari, will give a talk entitled “Role of the Ministry of Culture and Sports in Promoting Translation” to highlight the Ministry’s efforts in this field.
The first session entitled “Role of Translation in Promoting Cultural Excahnge”, moderated by Programs manager, Writer and Media figure Saleh Gharieb will host researcher and writer Dr. Raghdaa’ Zeidan of Turkey. She will present a paper entitled “Importance of Orientalist Studies, How they Originated and What their Role is in Cultural and Cognitive Exchange.” This is followed by an talk entitled “Role of Participation in Translation Prizes in Promoting Cultural Exchange” given by Dr. Xue Qing Guo of China winner of the Sheikh Hamad Translation Prize. Then comes the talk given by writer, translator and university professor Dr. Ishraqa Mustafa from Austria entitled “Translation as a Bridge between Peoples, Symphony of the Empty Quarter as a Model.” Next, Dr. Muhammad Abed, Translator, University Professor from India, presents a paper on literary exchange between Arabic and other languages (the Malayalam language as an example).
The second session, entitled “Experiences of Transfer in Heritage and Culture through Writing”, which is run by writer and poet Ms. Samira Obeid, will be attended by another group of writers and researchers. These include Indonesian writer A. Asma Nadia who will give a talk entitled “Experience of Cultural Exchange through Writing and Authorship.” She will be followed by writer, translator, and university professor from Iran, Prof. Ati Abayat, who will talk about “Translating Qatari Literature into Persian, Models and Experiences.” Then Indian writer, translator and media writer, Mr. Obeid Tahir, sheds light in the Indian experience in translation through his paper, “Indian literature Open to World Nations”. Then  focus is directed to the Iraqi experience in translation with writer, translator and poet Dr. Hussein Nahba from Iraq who presents a talk entitled “Importance of Translation and Attending Exhibitions in Other Nations’ Languages.” Lastly, Qatari writer, Mr. Jamal Fayez, concludes this session with a talk about “Qatari Experience in Translation.”