With the support of Qatar Charity, Qatari Cultural Center for the Blind, in cooperation with Qatari Cultural Center for the Deaf, is organizing a package to perform Umrah rituals for a week, during which they will visit Mecca and Medina, and conduct a number of field and introductory visits to a number of facilities, well-known sites, historical mosques, and museums located in Mecca and Medina. On this occasion, the Center organized a religious lecture at its HQ, in which Sheikh Mahmoud Madad – Sharia Researcher at the Islamic Network and a Member of the Centre, gave a lecture during which he defined the basics of Umrah and its most important pillars, which begin with Ihram and Tawaf, and Sa’i between Safa and Marwah and finally shaving or cutting hair. Then he touched on the prohibitions of Ihram, and etiquette of visiting the city, the virtues of praying there, and other religious matters. The trip supervisors also introduced the visiting members of both centers to the most important matters to take into consideration and answered their questions and inquiries.