Qatari Cultural Center for Deaf shined in the Ramadan Sports Festival for People with Disabilities, which is held annually, as a number of deaf people participated in the exciting Ramadan competition. The festival was held in the evening on Saturday, March 16, 2024, in the presence and honour of Mr. Faisal Al Marri – Assistant Secretary General of the Centre. The enthusiasm and motivation of the deaf players yielded amazing results, as the deaf, Ibrahim Massad, was able to deservedly achieve first rank, deaf, Rupa Mangalat, won second, while the deaf, Shibas Kondoplot, took third. The first rank winner, Ibrahim Massad, was crowned with valuable prizes, in addition to distributing prizes and medals to the second and third ranks winners.
The ceremony was attended by a large number of officials, organizers and sponsors who encouraged the players and shared their joy, which gave the occasion a special sparkle and gave it positive momentum. Thus, the participation of Qatari Cultural Center for Deaf in such sporting events remains a symbol of solidarity and community interaction, stressing the importance of involving all segments of society in cultural and sporting activities. Qatari Cultural Center for the Deaf shined in the Ramadan Sports Festival under the supervision of: Faisal Al Marri, Assistant Secretary General, where a number of deaf people participated and achieved amazing results. The event was held on March 16, 2024, and Ibrahim Massad was crowned first place, Rupa Mangalat took second, and Shibas Konduplot took third.