The Nomas Girls Center is preparing to hold an interactive session entitled “People of Al-Sanaa” in support of Qatar’s efforts to prepare a generation conscious of Qatari culture ambassadors who are distinguished by ethics derived from Islamic and Arab values and identity and Qatari origin, to qualify them and present an honorable and civilized image at the 2022 World Cup through an event to be held on October 26, free of Z.

During the forthcoming session, efforts will be made to rehabilitate girls to express the State’s cultural heritage consciously. In order to reflect their ability to express, communicate and represent Qatari culture, the project and others set up by the Centre aim at training girls to carry this legacy and achieve sustainability in human and social development. In addition to promoting national identity, consolidating the values and traditions of Qatari society and preserving its legacy, the overall activities and workshops held by the Nomas Center are aimed at linking the cultivation of the spirit of belonging and love of the nation with the principles of our religion and moral values.