The “Qatar Motorcycle Team” won first place in the Qatar Online Racing Championship (QORC) in its fourth edition, which was dedicated to motorcycle races between the Qatar Motor & Motorcycle Federation (QMMF) team and last year’s (Moto 2) category world champion, Luxembourg’s “Leopard Racing”.
QMMF team riders outperformed over 6 rounds the highly experienced world champions. The QMMF team tallied 617 points and led the overall standings of the championship. 44 points behind came the “Leopard Racing” riders scoring 573points.
At the general level ranking of the riders, the QMMF team rider Saeed Al-Sulaiti managed to win the title on top of the overall standings with 232 points. Meanwhile, his compatriot Saud Al Thani came in second place with 172 points. The Spaniard Marcos Ramirez of “Leopard Racing” team came in third place with 154 points. His teammate Dennis Foggia came in fourth place with 102 points. In fifth place with 96 points came Xavier Artigas while QMMF’s Jassim Al Thani finished sixth with 88 points. Meanwhile, Leopard’s rider Jaumi Masia came in seventh place with 87 points, followed by his teammate Danny Kent in eighth place with 73 points. Then came Abdullah Al-Qubaisi in ninth place with 67 points, and then Lorenzo Della Porta in 10th place with 61 points. Finally, promising QMMF team rider Hamad Al-Shoti came in 11th place with 58points.
The sixth and final round was held at the Qatar’s simulated Losail International Circuit. Leopard Racing’s rider Dennis Foggia clinched a consolatory victory with 28.58.851 min. 0.571 seconds behind came Qatar’s rider Saeed Al-Sulaiti, who came in first place in 4 races out of 6 while finished as a runner-up in the remaining. In third place came QMMF’s Saud Al Thani, while the Italian Lorenzo Della Porta finished fourth. Meanwhile, Rider Hamad Al-Sahouti finished fifth followed by Marcos Ramirez at sixth place. QMMF’s Jassim Al Thani’s score which was seventh place, was omitted since each team’s best three results only were selected. Qatar’s Saeed Al-Sulaiti finished with the fastest lap time of 1.55.002 min., 0.206 seconds behind the Italian Dennis Foggia, the leopard racing team’s rider, and Qatar’s Saud Al Thani finished fourth in 1.56.513min. Hamad Al-Sahouti finished fifth in 1.56.713min., followed by the Spanish Marcos Ramirez at sixth place in 1.57.601min. Then came Jassim Al Thani in seventh place in 1.58.101min.