Qatar Reads –Qatar Foundation initiative that aims to increase national awareness of the value of reading to all members of society – has launched One Book, One Community, a campaign that brings people together to celebrate culture and learn about the rich history of Arabic literature through a shared reading experience.

The campaign will run from 6 to 26 March in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Qatar National Library, over three phases, namely awareness-raising, reading, and participation. It will end with a four-day festival where participating readers will have the opportunity to meet and interact.

The selected book for the launch of One Book, One Community is ‘Kalila and Dimna’, one of the most famous books in the history of Arabic literature. It is a collection of fifteen tales exposing the lives of animals as main protagonists.

“The campaign aims to revolutionize the way we think about Arabic literature; by rediscovering cultural symbols, we create a shared experience, engage in active discussions, and unlock creativity,” said Fatima Al-Malki, Director of “Qatar Reads” initiative. Jassim Al Buainain, Director of Libraries Department at the Ministry of Culture, said: “The campaign will be the largest in Qatar, where everyone reads together and shares the passion for reading to continue building an educated and cohesive society, which would bring us closer to achieving Qatar National Vision 2030.”

Al-Buainain explained that there will be many surprises awaiting children and their families in this cultural forum. He emphasized the great diversity of the books that will be available in the campaign’s reading space, which will target all sections of society in order to benefit both children and their family members who accompany them when visiting this space.

Abeer Saad Al-Kuwari, Director of Research and Learning Services, at Qatar National Library, said: “QNL is keen to acquire and provide copies of distinguished and well-known literature books of all kinds. ‘Kalila and Dimna’ is undoubtedly of great importance, and the Library has been keen on the availability of multiple copies of this book for various groups of society – children, adolescents, and adults alike.”