The cultural events organized by the Forum of Qatari Publishers and Distributors of the Ministry of Culture for students of the International Shakespeare Academy culminated, under the title “Reading is the basis of science”, within the framework of instilling a culture of reading among students and demonstrating its importance as a basic source of science and knowledge.

The forum seeks to achieve the objectives of the Ministry of Culture, which aims to build bridges of significant cultural alliances with various educational institutions, since these activities are part of the “Multiple Intelligences” program organized by the Shakespeare Academy periodically throughout the semester.

The activities, which took place at the academy headquarters, included a variety of complementary cultural activities, including a storytelling segment and other practical training workshops, all of which aim for students to explore the benefits of reading and hone their reading skills, in addition to organizing debates among students, aims to enrich constructive discussion among students on cultural issues related to improving critical thinking during reading, and to demonstrate the extent to which reading positively impacts the lives of students at school in particular, and their social life in general. .

On the sidelines of the events, the Read and Rise Club presented the club’s successful experience in creating a club concerned with reading and improving its importance, and highlighted the fundamental role that the club plays in establishing a cultural foundation solid for its members. A practical simulation of establishing a reading club for school students was also presented, with the distribution of roles and administrative responsibilities of the club among the students.

Mr. Riyad Ahmed Saleh, Director of the Qatar Publishers and Distributors Forum, said: “We believe that promoting the culture of reading among our students is essential for the growth of their cultural and intellectual personality, and through these events we aim to align our objectives with the objectives of the Ministry of Culture of creating an intellectually and cognitively educated generation.”

He explained that these types of activities are a great opportunity to develop a passion for reading and learning among students, and seek to promote reading and enhance its role as a basis for the cultural and cognitive advancement of community members.