The Qatar Photography Center, affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, announced its intention to organize a group exhibition for photographers from the center’s members, under the title “Darb Al Saai Exhibition” which aims to highlight the aesthetics of the State of Qatar in many axes, through photographs that highlight Qatar’s landmarks and aesthetics, whether manmade or natural.

Through its digital platforms, the Center identified the axes on which the exhibition will be based in highlighting the progress of architecture, heritage, environment, Islamic architecture, landscapes, manifestations of the National Day celebrations, sports photography, sports facilities, and other aspects in Qatar. He stressed that participation in this exhibition will be exclusive to members of the Qatar Photography Center.

The center stated that those wishing to participate in the exhibition must send high-quality photographs, in addition to a copy of the center’s membership package, or its number, next to the “barcode” image of the photographer’s “Instagram” account.

He also mentioned that all entries will be received and reviewed, and that a committee will be formed to select the best submitted works. The center set November 8 as the deadline for receiving entries.

The Center’s organization of this exhibition stems from its endeavor to keep pace with the celebrations of the National Day of the State, in addition to its keenness to attract young talents in the field of photography, and to discover the creativity of Qatari youth in this field, in addition to its implementation of specialized courses in the field of photography, with the aim of qualifying participants Academically to become future trainees, in addition to preparing it to establish a generation of trainers, aiming to develop the hobby of photography and encourage photographers, and then develop the photographic movement within the country, as well as raising their capabilities and developing their artistic talents in this field.

The Qatar Photography Center has recently organized several training courses and workshops on different axes in the field of photography, which witnessed interaction from photographers and people with different talents in this field. These courses and workshops took into account the different experiences among the participants, and were presented by a large number of professional photographers.