The Qatar Media Center affiliated to the Ministry of Culture announced the launch of an informational campaign on social media entitled (Qatari Landmarks), as part of the Center’s endeavor to introduce the landmarks in the State of Qatar.

The campaign will be launched in conjunction with the opening of the World Cup next Sunday. It represents the center’s latest initiatives and contributions to the World Cup tournament organized by the State of Qatar.

The campaign, which will last throughout the days of the World Cup, displays 30 distinguished Qatari landmarks, in order to introduce visitors to the State of Qatar to its distinguished historical and modern landmarks.

Mrs. Eman Al-Kaabi, Director of the Qatar Media Center, said that the campaign is a contribution by the center to introduce the State of Qatar and its landmarks that deserve to be a destination for all visitors to the country during their presence in the World Cup.

She added: The Qatar Media Center seeks to have a mark during this championship, by activating its role in introducing Qatar and its distinguished landmarks, as we will have every day of the championship, a teacher we know about by publishing it on all accounts of the center on social media.

Al-Kaabi noted other initiatives launched by the center, including the (Qatar on Promise) bulletin, which is presented by a group of the center’s trainees and seeks to shed light on the latest news of the championship, as well as new videos produced by the center that include presenting many centers affiliated with the Ministry of Culture in a new way and with a creative idea to welcome all guests of the State of Qatar.