The State of Qatar has always believed in the role of youth in the development of society. It has therefore sought to empower young people at all levels. During the recent period, the youth sector has witnessed increased attention. It has translated the will of young people into a qualitative shift in the management of clubs and centers, following integration into electoral practice which achieved a new achievement in addition to the achievements of the State of Qatar, after achieving second place in the Arab world and 32nd globally in the ranking of the Global Youth Development Index 2020, issued by the Commonwealth of Nations, which included the state of youth development in 181 countries around the world.


This progress in the classification came as a natural result of the social youth movement achieved on the ground, expressed by strategic steps, including the election of the Youth Advisory Committee for the Minister of Culture and Sports, which represents the voice of youth in the proposal and initiative, whose members were selected through elections in which more than one participated. From two thousand young men and women.


Qatar has been ranked among the countries with a very high level of youth development, which is the highest rating in the index, which includes 34 countries


At the Arab level, Qatar ranked second after Kuwait, which ranked twenty-seventh in the world. According to the previous report issued in 2016, the State of Qatar had achieved the seventy-fifth rank globally and fourth in the Arab world after Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.


With this achievement, the countries of Qatar have jumped 43 positions at the global level, as well as two positions at the Arab level


As for the sub-indicators, the State of Qatar has achieved 11 in health and welfare, 19 in peace and security, 14 in employment and employment, and 30 in equality and sports.


On this occasion, His Excellency Salah bin Ghanem Al-Ali, Minister of Culture and Sports, congratulated the youth on this achievement, which counts for them and the State of Qatar, expressing his pride and pride in these youthful energies that societies are making progress, saying: 2nd in the Arab world and 32nd globally on the Global Youth Development Index 2020 issued by the Commonwealth of Nations, which included the state of youth development among 181 countries around the world. With this new classification, Qatar achieved a qualitative leap by 43 positions at the global level and two at the Arab level.


This achievement is the result of your belief in your mission in your society and your active participation in youth centers and sports clubs in various locations, and reflects your sincere aspiration to achieve the best for Qatari youth.


Nations are built with the souls and minds of their young people. We believe that you are capable of doing so. we hope that your generosity will continue to achieve something higher than this achievement, and we are confident in your determination to serve your beloved country, Qatar, and the differentiation of the Qatari youth experience in the world.


To the extent that this significant progress in the ranking of the State of Qatar in the Youth Development Index reflects the efforts made during the past period to develop youth work at various levels, it reflects the harmony between young people and wise leadership in the realization of Qatar’s Vision 2030, which bets on young people to increase their efficiency and empowerment.


The State of Qatar has developed strategies for youth within the national development strategy and the strategy of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, which has largely and clearly sought to increase the levels of empowerment of Qatari youth and to provide an environment conducive to unleashing their capabilities.


And its tireless work to enhance the voice of youth and provide ample opportunities to express their views, whether through the Youth Advisory Committee, or through youth centers.


In support of the efforts and aspirations of youth and the contribution of the Ministry of Culture and Sports to their involvement in decision-making, it invited young people to lead the youth work of youth centres through the modification of their statutes, which gave broad powers to general assemblies in youth centers and gave them opportunities to choose a president and deputy head of the center through election direct by the members of the general assembly, while it was previously based on appointment. Sports Law No. 1/2016, which gave the General Assembly the supreme authority, and the statutes, contributed to empowering young people in sports clubs


The Ministry of Culture and Sports has also begun work on the preparation of the first National Youth Policy in the State of Qatar, which, once completed, will be the reference document for youth work in the State of Qatar, thus making huge strides in the empowerment and development of Qatari youth. In addition to the tremendous development in youth programs and projects so that they become more relevant to the actual needs of young people in the areas of development, training, positive participation in all fields, raising awareness and enhancing belonging and national identity.


The State of Qatar has also been keen to encourage the presence of its youth at the international and regional levels and to represent them in all international and regional forums, by choosing Doha as the capital of youth in the Islamic world, and their participation in many meetings and conferences, whether organized by the United Nations and its affiliated organizations and institutions, or at the Arab level. In addition to its work, it affirms the important role of youth in all significant and major events taking place in the country, such as the Shura Council elections, and the active participation of youth during the Corona crisis (Covid-19).


The new classification motivates all Qatari youth to work further to provide a distinctive experience in empowerment, and emphasizes that developed societies are betting on their youth to achieve sustainability in all areas.