Yesterday, 12 August, the world celebrated International Youth Day, an annual youth event at which the most prominent needs and demands of young people are highlighted and resolved. A number of Qatari youth confirmed to Al-Sharq that the International Youth Day is an opportunity to draw the attention of the international community to youth issues and celebrate their potential, pointing out that the State of Qatar pays great attention to youth, by developing youth skills and refining their talents. The youth expressed their constant readiness to overcome any challenges they face as they wage the battle to build in Qatar:


The Director of the Department of Youth Affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Maha Al-Rumaihi, confirmed that, as a result of the Ministry’s interest in celebrating major international events for young people, they were keen to celebrate International Youth Day, an event which the world celebrates annually on the same date with a view to focusing the international community’s attention on youth issues and celebrating their potential as partners in contemporary global society.


She added, in confirmation of Qatar’s efforts and continuous support for youth development in various fields, the Department of Youth Affairs intended that this year’s celebration should be distinguished, including the establishment of many events, as it will be divided into several axes, and the first axis includes the celebration within the framework of the theme chosen by the United Nations under the slogan “Food systems” Youth innovations for human and planet health.


She added: The Department will organize numerous events through its youth centres, in particular those related to the theme of the celebration, such as the Friends of the Environment Centre, the Science Club and videos produced by the media Centre of youth Where the activities of the celebration of the International Youth Day will be published on the map of events on the page of the celebration of the International Youth Day on the United Nations website.


She noted that youth centres and youth affiliated with those centres would participate in the interactive sessions to be held through the # Youth Lead Festival on 12 and 13 August 2021, a celebration of innovative solutions offered by young people to achieve the goals of sustainable development and recovery from the Corona pandemic. The sessions will revolve around the themes “Health and welfare, digital technology, climate action and biodiversity, food security, economic empowerment and employment, and education.


The second theme of the celebration is on the National Youth Policy of the State of Qatar, which is currently being prepared as the first youth policy of the State, under the theme “with its youth, it elevates,” which is being prepared by the Ministry and several partners involved in working with young people. This is done in full partnership with Qatari youth during all its stages, starting with monitoring issues of concern to Qatari youth, identifying the most urgent issues for Qatari youth, and developing programs to address them while continuing the consultative process until the moment of an integrated document that expresses the aspirations of the youth and their aspirations for a more prosperous future. A number of videos were published to introduce politics and its importance, and it was also agreed with a number of famous cafes to offer special discounts for young people and to put the slogan of politics on the cups.


The third theme is a simulation of the meetings of the shura Council, in keeping with important national events. The event will be organized in partnership with the secretariat of the Shura Council. It aims to inform young people of the important role of the Council and the importance of active participation in the selection of its members.


The fourth theme is the launching of the “ambassadors for support” registration link. The registration link for “ambassadors for support” will be launched through the website of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and through the Ministry’s social media accounts.

The “Ambassadors for Support” program aims to enable Qatari youth to acquire basic skills that qualify them to represent the State in an honorable manner in international forums.


Maha Al-Rumaihi: Activities on this international occasion

Hamad Adel Al Yafei indicated that Qatar has given young people a lot and is expecting a lot from them as well, emphasizing that the International Youth Day was an opportunity for young people to publicize their initiatives, learn about their demands and review their innovations, as they were an essential element contributing to nation-building and progress.


He added saying that the country’s renaissance required that young people should have a real and essential role to play in order to continue and develop. Young people must work with dedication to serve the country and do what they could. Especially as the country is about to host international events that require concerted efforts and standing together to meet the demands and serve the nation. He emphasized the willingness of Qatari youth to provide precious and valuable service to their home country, noting that Qatari youth had made various achievements in various areas that deserved to be highlighted on International Youth Day.


Al-Yafi noted that, on the occasion of the International Youth Day, Qatar’s youth must be aware of the fact that they receive privileges that many young people in the world do not have. and this is represented in education, training, job opportunities in all disciplines, and even support for youth initiatives as well.