“Qatari Forum for Authors” held a session to celebrate women under the title “Women pioneers making history”, in which a group of female writers from different time stages participated, on the occasion of International Women’s Day.
During the session held last night, the participants talked about their success path and the difficulties they faced, and how they managed to overcome them thanks to perseverance and persistence.
For her part, Dr. Hessa Al-Awadi spoke about her beginnings in writing that was at an early age since her studies in the preparatory stage, and about the difficulties and challenges that she faced, especially the traditions of the conservative society which disapproved of travelling for women and their entering some fields of occupation or specialties, particularly that of journalism, which was restricted to men and was prohibited to Women, especially Qatari women. But thanks to their insistence and adherence to their ambition, they managed to change prevailing ideas, until they finally reached their goal of bringing out to the light a number of stories to children.
For her part, Ms. Hala Al-Saeed, Director of the “Doha International Center for Special Needs”, a member of the “Gulf Disability Society”, and a former member of the UNESCO said that Qatari women have been able to prove themselves and have imposed themselves in the labor market and in all fields. They have been active and influential in society, especially in the period of the blockade, as she was able to face the challenge and prove her ability.
For her part, the young Qatari writer, Intisar Al-Seif, spoke about her experience and ambition. She said that society still imposes some restrictions on women, but thanks to the support of her family she has managed to overcome many of them and achieve her ambition, whether in study or writing. She further stressed that women who are granted a high position by the Islamic religion should not give in to obstacles.
“Qatar Authors Forum” continues its cultural activities as a cultural body affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Sports that are concerned with authors affairs.