In the frame of achieving the development and nurturing of young innovative talents and within the framework of community partnership with community institutions, The Cultural Committee of the Qatar Sports Club organized a Youth Innovation Talent Development Course under the theme Minds Investments and Youth Futures.


Mr. Mohamed Sultan Fakhru, Chairman of the Cultural Committee, stated that he was part of the programs and activities of the Cultural Committee for the 2021 season, under the supervision of the Department of Youth Affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in cooperation with the Qatari Scientific Club, preparation and presentation of the virtuous Mrs. Eman-Al Hamad, The researcher and social activist interested in the youth field, the management of Eng. Muhammad Abdul Wahed Al-Fakhro, coordination of Dr. Ahmed Mustafa Salem, General Supervisor of the Cultural Committee, and the organization of Mr. Abdullah Abdul Rahman Fakhro, responsible for activities and events


The course addressed several important themes, including the concept of innovation, creativity and invention. The lecture spoke about the concept of innovation, which is done after examining the needs and requirements of society to find solutions to problems and challenges. It also spoke about the importance of creativity by thinking outside the Fund and about the importance of innovation in the lives of young people. She also shed light on the “science stars” program, which is an innovative idea and a great initiative to support the new generation of innovators.


The program aims to adopt young cadres to participate in their ideas and present them in the “science stars” program, so that the idea of each young man passes through several stages, starting from the basic stage, which is the design and graphics stage, and the last stage, which is the stage of scientific implementation of the invention, where it emphasized the young people interested in the field of creativity and innovation the importance of affiliation with this great program. She also spoke of the role of discovering personal abilities in innovation, in which every young person must strive and define all his aspirations while studying his potential and the mechanism for their development. She encouraged young people on the importance of innovation and, in the coming period, sought to develop and equip new innovation to serve society.


At the end of the session, Mr. Mohamed Sultan Fakhru, Chairman of the Cultural Committee, said that the youth of the country had a broad ambition, a high capacity for innovation, a firm desire for leadership and initiative and a strong determination to perform and deliver at the highest levels. At the end of the session, he expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the lecture and presented certificates of thanks and appreciation and souvenirs to the lecture and the Qatar Scientific Club, and wished them further progress and prosperity to serve the local and international communities.