Activities of the Qatar Classic Cars Contest and Exhibition 2020 kicked off yesterday and will continue for 4 consecutive days. The activities are held by the Gulf Qatari Classic Cars Association in partnership with United Development Company and under the patronage of HE Mr. Salah bin Ghanem Al Ali, the Minister of Culture and Sports, at Porto Arabia Boardwalk in The Pearl-Qatar. A number of classic car enthusiasts who have different cars of various models participate in the contest and exhibition. The opening ceremony was attended by HE Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al-Thani, HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Faisal Al-Thani, and Businessman, Omar Al fardan, in addition to a number of classic car aficionados, who are part of the fans of the classic cars collecting hobby inside and outside Qatar. In its current edition, the exhibition has 50 luxury classic cars that fall into different historical categories, including “Rolls Royce – Renault – Standard – Peugeot – Buick – Cadillac – Ford – Chevrolet – BMW – Mercedes – Jaguar – Studebaker – Mercedes-Benz – Fiat – Dodge – Pontiac – Nissan – Daimler – Oldsmobile – Toyota – Ferrari”.
HE Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al-Thani said in a statement that this exhibition has many goals, including introducing classic cars, encouraging young people to acquire such types of cars and to participate in related events which are held inside Qatar. He pointed out that continuously organizing such events is very useful to all enthusiasts, as they meet together and exchange experiences, as well as get to know places where they can buy the auto parts needed for these types of classic and rare cars.
He also believes that it is a good step to involve his own gallery in this exhibition, as he considers his 600-car museum the outcome of his continuous effort and development for years and years, resulting in acquiring different and various car models.
He added that he has been always interested in everything related to Qatari society and heritage. As he has become more attached to this hobby, he makes sure to collect and own anything related to heritage. He noted that he likes to collect the largest number of cars which were used in Qatar and held good memories as they were used by Qataris long time ago. He continued that he has a collection of cars that existed and were used in Qatar, in addition to some types of medium trucks with a history related to Qatari society and history. He explained that he has cars dating back to 1985, which were valued at 30,000 Riyals at the time, now they can reach 150,000 Dollars.
HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Faisal Al-Thani, member of the Gulf Qatari Classic Cars Association, explained that the association was established about five years ago and it has already held many events. The Association aims at spreading the culture of acquiring classic cars of various types and models, and it includes a large number of members who are classic cars enthusiast, playing an effective role at the organization of such events and exhibitions. He pointed out that the exhibition which kicked off yesterday in The Pearl-Qatar is a local event that is held in partnership with a number of authorities, including the Pearl-Qatar Administration, which endeavored to provide a suitable venue for displaying cars in a way that suits the visitors of the place. He added that these types of events are considered a meeting place for enthusiasts to get to know each other. He continued that the exhibition includes five categories of classic cars; the first category dates to before the year 1947, and the other categories date to the following years all the way to modern cars, as cars have to be 30 years old in order to be classified as classic.
In his turn, Mr. Omar Al-Fardan, Vice-Chairman of the Gulf Qatari Classic Cars Association, said that Qatar Classic Car Exhibition represents an incubator for classic cars enthusiasts who wish to display their cars for people to see. At the same time, the exhibition provides a platform for fans to check their favorite models of classic cars, especially since the exhibition includes very rare cars owned by many Qataris, which are considered masterpieces of art and engineering, as they were manufactured by some of the oldest and largest automobile companies in the world. These cars are invaluable to their owners and fans alike.
Mr. Al-Fardan added that he has been a classic car enthusiast for 25 years. He owns “Letableh” museum, which is authorized by Qatar Museums Authority, and has more than 100 classic cars, each with a history of its own. The museum has cars that belonged to King George V, as well as cars that were owned by Emperor Hirohito, dating back to the beginnings of the 1920s.
Mr. Al-Fardan also pointed out that the acquisition journey begins with acquiring one car, then expanding one’s collection. He explained that he purchased his first classic car in 1995 and it was a “BMW” model, and then he expanded his collection, which he considers both a hobby and financial investment as well.
Eng. Abdul Latif Ali Al-Yafea, Executive Director of General Services at United Development Company, explained that the choice of Pearl-Qatar to host this event, which brings together classic car enthusiasts and highlights the history of this hobby in Qatar, indicates the distinguished location that Pearl-Qatar possess, which place it as a landmark that combines both heritage and modernity in Qatar.
He continued saying “We, at the United Development Company, are constantly striving to provide a platform to support the people’s favorite hobbies as well as hosting many events, including seasonal festivals and traditional celebrations that have proven to be very successful in attracting thousands of visitors to Pearl-Qatar. So, we invite all residents and visitors of the island to join fans of classic cars and visit the exhibition to view rare and invaluable cars and enjoy the special atmosphere at the exhibition, which we trust will become a tourist destination as well as a valuable opportunity to enhance the role of the private sector in contributing to tourism promotion of the State within various sectors.”