Qatar Charity concluded the sixth edition of the “Future Writers” program by announcing the names of the winners and honoring them, as well as honoring the sponsor of the program, partners and work teams in a ceremony attended by officials from Qatar Charity, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the Ministry of Culture, the Qatari Forum for Authors, Qatar University and Dukhan Bank.


In his speech at the beginning of the ceremony, Mr. Faisal Rashid Al-Fahida, the Assistant CEO of the Programs and Community Development Sector at Qatar Charity, said that: Please allow me to congratulate the winning male and female students in this version at the level of schools and universities, and express my pride in their talents and potentials, hoping that they will continue the journey of developing their writing abilities and their giving in the field of creative writing, to contribute to the service of their society, and the development of our beloved country, Qatar, in the creative and literary fields.

Al-Fahida extended his sincere thanks and appreciation to the program’s partners, considering that they are partners in achievement and success, as they have worked with Qatar Charity side by side over the past months, and they are: the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the Ministry of Culture, the Qatari Forum for Authors and Qatar University, and the sponsor Dukhan Bank. He also expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the program team. From the supervisors, trainers, arbitrators and coordinators who exerted tireless efforts until the program reached its final stage represented by announcing the names of the student winners and honoring them.

At the end of his speech, he stressed that the development in the next version of this extended program will continue to achieve a wider spread that provides an opportunity for greater discovery of the capabilities of the talented and their participation in it, and to strengthen cooperation with the current partners, and with other relevant parties, in addition to continuing to pay attention to the winners in the previous versions, developing their capabilities and highlighting them. Lights on the development of their successful experiences.

The ceremony program also included a speech by Mrs. Maryam Al-Ali, the Head of the Culture Department at the Ministry of Culture, in which she considered that the presence of the Ministry of Culture in this event is a message of gratitude for the efforts of those in charge of the program and a call for more cultural work, whose implementation has become required from all sectors and at all levels, noting that the Ministry encourages launching Cultural initiatives and programs to facilitate the right to culture for all members of society, especially children and youth, because it is an affirmation of optimal investment in the capabilities of future generations.

She expressed the Ministry of Culture’s pleasure with the great interest in culture by civil society organizations, especially Qatar Charity and its partners in this program, because it contributes to the growth and development of societies. It considered Qatar Charity a major and distinguished partner due to its role in organizing and implementing such a program, and expressed its thanks and appreciation for its efforts in achieving Qatar Vision 2030 in the cultural field, expressing its hope that the association would present more meaningful initiatives in the future.

At the end of the ceremony, the list of winning students in the sixth edition of “Writers of the Future” was announced and honored. They are: In the primary stage / girls: Hamda Abdullah Al-Mannai, Maryam Al-Yarmani, Lujain Anwar, and in the primary stage / boys: Youssef Wael Hussein, Karam Ashraf Khalil, Amir Al-Sahrawi, and in the preparatory stage / girls: Maryam Iyad Abdel Rahman, Amra Mawlana, and in the preparatory stage / boys: Al-Bara’ Majdi Khair El-Din, Mohammad Faisal Al-Ansari, Baraa Hossam El-Din Muslim, and in the secondary stage / girls: Aya Al-Qasrani, Roua Saleh Al-Rawaida, Raghad Abdel-Latif, and in the secondary school / boys: Ahmed Abdel-Salam Al-Saadi, Saad Siraj Al-Islam, Saud Mohammad Ali Salem Al-Ahbabi. At the undergraduate level, girls won: Noura Salem Abu Sharida, Lalla Aisha Ahmed, Aisha Othman Saad, and at the undergraduate level, boys, Ahmed Jadallah and Fahd Jalal Al Kuwari won. As for the field of people with special abilities / girls, the winners were: Hind Mohsen, Lina Farouk, Rama Hatem Obaid, and in the field of people with special abilities / boys, the winners were: Abdel Qader Abdel Khaleq, Fahd Iqbal, Khaled Abdel Raouf. As for the winners in the previous versions of the program, the student Mohammad Al-Marri was honored.