The Qatar Social and Cultural Centre for the Deaf has announced the launch of a number of various activities during the Eid holidays. Its program will include a competition entitled “Your Eid at Home”, which will be held remotely in response to precautionary measures and for the purpose of preventing the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), while ensuring that happiness is brought to the hearts of the followers of the new program. It will be broadcast on the electronic platform “Zoom” at exactly nine o’clock in the evening of the third day of Eid. There are also various other activities that the centre will present during the Eid holiday, such as choosing the best greeting card, and many other activities that will continue after Eid.
For her part, Mrs. Mozah Al-Mansoori, Secretary General of the Qatar Social and Cultural Centre for the Deaf, explained that the competition that the centre is preparing to hold is an educational one that aimس to carry information to the recipient in an attractive and enjoyable way. She further indicated that the idea of the competition depends on asking a number of simple questions about the social duties and customs of Eid in Qatar. She also pointed out that the centre conducts its activities through social divergence, in light of its keenness to implement the precautionary measures during broadcasting. She also noted that the competition is for the deaf category of young people and aims to educate and raise awareness. The implementation and preparation of the activities was carried out by the deaf youth themselves, and a sign language interpreter will be with them during the broadcast. She added that there will be prizes in kind for the winners.
Regarding the nature of the questions asked, she explained that they are varied and will be about: how to perform Eid Salah, zakat al-Fitr and who is obligated to pay zakat, and other matters that pertain to that duty. The questions will also touch on ways of communicating with the family through video calls or visits, as well as many other matters, such as Eidiya (money given out as gifts in Eid), and how money could be transferred through a bank account or sent with the driver, taking into account the commitment to precautionary instructions. In addition, the program discussed the customs of the people of Qatar during Eid, such as wearing traditional clothes, types of sweets, and other matters that are specific to our Qatari heritage. The Secretary of the Deaf Centre explained that there are various other activities for the centre during Eid, such as exchanging greetings and choosing the best greeting card.
On the mechanism followed by the centre to employ the deaf capabilities through activities, she explained that this is done by providing all moral and material needs and incentives with an emphasis on the role of awareness of the deaf by translators. She further indicated that there are many online programs that the centre presents during the quarantine period to members of the deaf community. These include competitions and training in sign language, announcement of newscasts, workshops with the Mada Centre and also with the centres affiliated with the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and with the Human Rights Committee. In addition, several religious workshops are held as well as posting daily videos on awareness and prevention of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19).
Ms. Moza Al Mansoori believes that relying on digital platforms has become very important to conduct fun and beneficial activities for the members of the Centre in light of the current social divergence. Therefore, there is a clear interest on the part of members in that matter. In this framework, she emphasized that there is an intention to develop electronic content to become a general feature in future activities of the Centre, even after the crisis ends. “Currently,” she added, “future programs and activities have been prepared for being presented after the end of the virus pandemic. Deaf youth will participate in the upcoming activities. She further noted that the Centre has many plans that involve important and beneficial activities, but it has been postponed due to the conditions enforced by the Coronavirus. These activities, however, will be activated, Allah willing, after the crisis ends.