Today at 5 PM, Alwakra Girls Center is organizing an online workshop entitled “Qatar among Challenges” within Instagram platform. The workshop presented by Aisha Al-Tamimi is held within “Aly Al Adaam”. Within its various initiatives, the center aims at developing girls’ capabilities in all areas of life, instilling religious and human values and morals, increasing cultural, social and sports awareness, raising soul of initiative and patriotism and sense of responsibility and empowering them in all areas of life in a manner that suits their preferences and abilities.


On the other hand, the center within “Rewaq Al Maktaba” program organizes the event entitled “Among the Suburbs of the Novel” in cooperation with “Qalam Hebr for Creative Writing” company during the month of June for a period of four weeks.


The event targets girls from the age of 18 years and over and it will be held “Online” within “Zoom” program in compliance with the precautionary measures adopted by the State in order to combat the Coronavirus.