The Qatari Publishers and Distributors Forum of the Ministry of Culture discussed the (Strategic Thinking) book by Dr. Jassim Sultan, during a discussion session within the (Let’s Read Together) initiative, in partnership with the (Iqraa w Ertaq) club in the presence of a group of intellectuals, authors, and those interested in culture and reading. The session was moderated by Mohammed al-Mannai from the management of (Iqraa w Ertaq) club, where he highlighted the importance of these sessions that seek to highlight the book and promote reading in all fields through various discussions, stressing the continuous supportive role of the Ministry of Culture to revitalize and enrich the cultural movement.

Dr. Jassim Sultan, the author of the book, said: The book’s papers contain important knowledge that helps in differentiating between thinking and strategic planning by clarifying the meaning and content of each of them, adding: This book comes with 22 books and it contains the renaissance project and focuses on the advancement of Muslim youth, society and the Islamic nation.

He also pointed out that the book explains the thinking process through systems, inputs and outputs, a control system, and processes so that thinking is not random. It also deals with the obstacles to thinking, including logical fallacies and their various types.

During his presentation of the book, the author discussed the meaning of strategic thinking, the meaning of the word of strategy and models of strategic thinking indicating differences, distinctions, and various defects, in addition to the forms of strategies used in various fields for the development and advancement of generations.