Darb Al Saai witnesses a large turnout from families wishing to instill the value and importance of reading in the hearts of their children. The Qatari Publishers and Distributors Forum, in cooperation with the Qatar Reads Initiative, is making effective efforts in this context through the initiative’s pavilion, which contains a package of interactive activities that motivate its children to enrich the habit. reading they have. Competitions and arts also have an important share in the Qatar Read Pavilion, which has partnerships that the initiative was keen to conclude in order to enrich the activities. Highlighted by the cooperation with the Qatari Publishers and Distributors Forum.

In this context, Mr. Riyad Ahmed Yassin, the Director of the Qatari Forum for Publishers and Distributors, explained that the participation of the Forum for Publishers and Distributors with Qatar reads in Darb Al Saai comes to encourage reading, and noted that in their way they used an interactive method with students, and they also urged families to contribute to Instilling the value and importance of readers in children’s rhymes, and confirmed that the forum continues to distribute books intended for children during Darb Al Saai activities in cooperation with Qatar Reads, until December 18, and pointed out that their initiative focused primarily on clarifying the stages of book making, starting from authoring and passing through editing of the book and work on all the elements necessary for its publication, up to the stage of printing and then distributing it, through a booklet that sheds light on the local identity, the most important Qatari landmarks, the history of the country, as well as the important heritage events, so that every child has an active contribution to the completion of this book, and his opinion on what It is presented by Darb Al Saai, as it described its activities as being exceptionally, as it coincided with the organization of the World Cup, and he said that it was an ideal opportunity to highlight our identity in front of the guests of Qatar, and he expressed his happiness with the wonderful organization and the heritage events that were organized according to the criteria that qualified them to have a large public turnout from all groups, and added that it represented a great opportunity to teach our children practically everything related to heritage, whether it is related to land or sea.

Thamer Al-Sayed, one of the religious parents who were keen to be present with their children within the activities of the pavilion, says that the activities provided by Qatar Read made the children themselves ask to go there upon their arrival to the headquarters of the Darb Al Saai activities, which made them, as parents, pay attention to the importance of what is offered through this the ward.

While Abdul Rahman Khaled referred to the remarkable diversity of activities, I train the sailor, stressing that what he and his children liked most was the availability of different forms of activities capable of enriching their culture and enjoyment. While the activities of horse and camel riding and popular games are published, as well as learning about the maritime heritage, we find a place that motivates our children to reading.

Abdullah Al-Saeed says that what he liked most is that all the activities link children to the homeland and reinforce in themselves the values ​​of loyalty and belonging. He singled out the flag activity, and expressed his happiness with the titles provided by the Qatar Read Pavilion, which he described as also contributing to the enrichment of national values ​​among children.

The space for the Qatar Reads initiative in Darb Al Saai received great interaction from children, as parents are keen to involve children in the programs for Qatar Reads, so that they can enjoy the initiative aimed at creating a national movement that raises awareness of the importance of reading, and enhances the demand for it among all members of society in the State of Qatar. , particularly among children and youth.