The cultural activities of the “Reading Corner” organized by the Qatari Publishers and Distributors Forum of the Ministry of Culture as part of the “School List” event, in cooperation with Msheireb Properties and Qatar Media Center as a media partner, were concluded amid the turnout of a large number of children and families, as the events, activities and training workshops were presented at the Forum pavilion at the Galleria Mall in Msheireb, and the events and activities continued until August 27.

The training events and workshops that were presented aimed at motivating children to practice the hobby of reading and reading using modern cultural and educational tools and books suitable for different age stages, with the aim of encouraging them to love reading and knowledge. The “Reading Corner” pavilion received several training workshops for children on reading and its importance, presented by the Qatari Publishers and Distributors Forum and the Qatar Media Center, in an attempt to demonstrate the importance of reading in self-development and character building, in addition to promoting continuous learning through reading.

The activities offered at the Reading Corner pavilion also included other innovative workshops that combine interaction and learning, giving children the opportunity to listen to interesting stories, share their ideas and experiences, and develop their reading and writing skills.

In this context, the Director of the Qatari Publishers and Distributors Forum, Mr. Riyad Ahmed Yassin, expressed his happiness with the extent of the success of the “Reading Corner” pavilion and the interest of children and parents. He said in his speech: “This pavilion reflects the commitment of the Ministry of Culture and its Publishers Forum in promoting the culture of reading among children and directing them towards knowledge and continuous learning.” He also praised the role of the library’s “Donate Your Book” event in cooperation with Jassim Magazine, which received great acclaim from parents and a distinguished response from children and proved its importance in exchanging knowledge based on the book.

At the end of his speech, Yassin extended special thanks to the participating and cooperating parties in the success of the “Reading Corner” activities, including Msheireb Properties, which invited the forum to organize the reading corner, as well as the Qatar Media Center as a media partner to cover the activities that were presented and highlighted in the media, and the Qatar Voluntary Center, and a course in providing volunteer work teams that participate with the members of the forum in the course of the activities and events of the pavilion, Yassin said that these efforts are being made in an effort to build an educated generation that seeks to acquire knowledge and pleasure through reading and Perusing. At the end of the event, the cooperating parties and participants in the success of the events and activities of the Reading Corner, who played a prominent role in achieving the ambitious cultural goals in participation, were honored..