Yesterday, the Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture, and Science organized Thread and Needle, a virtual workshop on Microsoft Times for students at ALECSO affiliated schools in collaboration with Nomas Center. The participating schools were Al-Nahda Elementary School for Girls and Al-Eman High School for Girls. The workshop aimed to introduce students to sowing skills and promoting their interest and creativity in hand sewing.


The workshop was given by Wadha Al-Kuwwari, sewing coach at Nomas, who explained that “the purpose of the workshop was to introduce students to the importance of sewing and to familiarize them with basic tools and safety precautions. They also learned about the foundations of sewing and had some hands-on training on using buttons, thread, and snaps.”


The workshop reflects the value of sewing, which can be a fulfilling activity for students, as they can mend and alter clothes. It is also a skill that gives a sense of accomplishment and confidence and helps in developing patience and self-control.