As part of its ongoing effort to support the youth segment of different age groups, the Youth Forum for Virtual Support organized by the Department of Youth Affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Sports continued its third day of further renewal and spirit of innovation which was present.


The third day of the meeting, in which various youth centres and a number of clubs participated, came in a variety of ways and included several events that successfully attracted many followers during its daily broadcast hours.


The forum, organized under the theme “With its young people, it elevates” organized a panel discussion entitled “Digital Marketing,” presented by Professor Faisal Al-Haythami and it’s the interviewer, Mohamed Al-Obaidaly, which was organized by the Department of Youth Affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.


While the Qatar Scientific Club continued its distinguished participation in the forum through the “Creative Thinking” workshop presented by Coach Wadha Al-Athba.


Engineer Nasser Al-Mughaisib from the Doha Youth Center concluded his program “Engineering Your Life”, which was held over the past three days, amid a good interaction by a wide segment of youth.


The Youth Media Centre had a distinct participation in collaboration with the first Step Family Centre through the workshop “Young reporters,” presented by Coach Ahmed al-Maliki, through which he explained the most important skills that a young reporter and those who wanted to enter the media should have.


The Department of Youth Affairs also continued to broadcast several videos of the Qatari Shura Council, the importance of participation in the elections scheduled for next October, and the need to tilt the qualified candidate and choose the most suitable.


While the competitions presented by Al Dana Center for Girls and Al Kaaban Youth Center in cooperation with Al Wijdan Cultural Center continue, not to mention the musical intervals prepared for this occasion and produced by the Music Affairs Center of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.



Paradigm shift

Engineer Salah Al – Saadi, director of the Doha Youth Centre, one of the centres participating in a virtual support forum, said that the forum represented a distinct paradigm shift for the programs offered by the Department of Youth Affairs. In a press release on the sidelines of the Doha Youth Centre’s participation in the Forum, Al-Saadi explained that the Centre had contributed to the Forum through the “Engineering Your Life” program of Engineer Nasser Al-Mughaisib, during which life skills had been offered to help develop the skills of young people, as well as the participation of the Doha Youth Centre, in collaboration with the Department of Youth, in the management of the Forum.


Al-Saadi praised the role played by the Youth Affairs Department in unifying efforts between youth centers in order to reach the organization of a distinguished virtual forum that represents a qualitative leap in the field of various programs offered by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and its various youth centers.


Most Prominent Experience

For his part, Saud Al – Hajri, the head of the youth apparatus of the Ryan Sports Club, said that the Virtual Support Forum had succeeded in highlighting the experiences and abilities of Qatari youth.


Commenting on the participation of Al-Rayyan Club in the Forum, Al-Hajri said that the Club’s participation in the Forum was in the interest of the Club to be present at such important events, as a translation of the instructions of the President of the Club and the Vice-President to participate in and support such events.


He added, “Such events helped to highlight the skills, talents and experience of the young people of Qatar, who had made every effort to bring about fruitful and useful work at the Forum.”


Saud Al-Hajri, head of the youth body at Al-Rayyan Club, thanked Professor Maha Al-Rumaihi, Director of the Youth Affairs Department, and Mr. Nasser Al-Jabri, Head of the Youth Work Organization and Development Department, and all those responsible for this special event, and for their outstanding efforts that succeeded in presenting the forum in this distinctive way.