Al-Aziziya Youth Centre, Boys section, organized a robot programming workshop for beginners within the summer event “Challenge and leadership”. the workshop was presented “Online” in line with the applied precautionary measures. Participants were introduced to the basics of programming robots, how to enter into this world, and what the young man needs in order to have the ability to program and prepare a robot. Muhammad Rajeh, presenter of the workshop, introduced the participants to the issue of programming and the benefit gained. He then began to explain the steps.
It is known that the world of programming appeals to many young people and they are always ready to enter it. However, they need to get help in training and guidance, especially beginners. At the same time, they could spend their free time during the summer vacation on doing useful things that will benefit them in the future. Indeed, this was the goal of that workshop.
Al-Aziziya Youth Centre has ensured that the summer activity program includes workshops of this kind to attract young people to the fields of science and technology in general. It will positively reflect on them and their skills, as many young people in different age groups have a tendency to innovate and program, and are looking for places where their innovation and programming skills in this field are developed either because they want to participate in programming competitions or even to satisfy their own desires.