Al-Khor Girls Center has started collecting books for participation at the “Bring a Book back to Life” Exhibition, which is to be held for a third consecutive year to raise awareness of the importance of books and making good use of free time. The Center continues to collect books until the 15th of March, as it has announced in a tweet, adding “free your books from their bookshelves, whether old or new, we will come to take them.”
The exhibition aims to restore the true value of books by promoting it among different types of audience, as well as to increase people’s awareness about reading and using leisure time.
The previous edition of the exhibition witnessed a remarkable turnout of audience who regarded it as a prominent initiative that would contribute to meeting their interests, especially as the exhibition had a variety of titles, which satisfied the different tastes of people were interested in knowledge, research and learning.
This exhibition is remarkably different from other book fairs, as books are collected, classified and displayed for sale, all in a voluntary manner. These steps take place in a positive and giving atmosphere that encourages reading, community involvement in exchanging beneficial education and sustaining the value of books for as long as it takes.