Abdulaziz Abdullah Al Subaie, a coach of traditional games at the Garangao Market event in Darb Al-Saai, expressed that he participates in the activities through a traditional games team. He describes these games as collective and simple, aiming to convey a message to children about the importance of teamwork. Additionally, they seek to provide entertainment among participants and bring smiles to their faces. The types of these games include tug of war (rope pulling), fishing, dodgeball, hopscotch, bar bahr (sea crossing), and the last one involves children drawing a line in the sand, with the sea behind them and the land in front. They are then called upon to move either to the land or the sea to test their quick response and agility. The fastest and most agile participant becomes the winner. Furthermore, there’s a popular folk song associated with playing a spinning top game.

The children’s enthusiasm for these games is notable, as they are drawn away from harmful electronic games. Moreover, these traditional games provide them with time to develop teamwork skills among themselves, in addition to offering entertainment and joy.