The popular food cafes and shops in Darb Al-Saai are witnessing a great turnout by visitors, especially the World Cup fans who found in the experience of the Qatari folk food a distinctive aspect added to their many experiences since the beginning of their visit to the country in this festive atmosphere. The popular dishes attracted different visitors of all ages, as the dishes were distinguished by a special taste, as they represent a manifestation of the celebration of heritage and recalling the past to introduce young people to an important aspect of the life of the people of Qatar in the past.

The Organizing Committee for the National Day celebrations provided about 80 stores distributed throughout Darb Al-Saai and provide services to the public, in addition to food, hot drinks and various types of juices, as well as popular dishes prepared by Qatari women from productive families, such as “Ragag, Harees, Madrooba, Margoog and Nakhi” bread along with many other popular dishes.

Darb Al-Saai stores this year are characterized by a wide variety of hot and cold foods and drinks, where the Organizing Committee was keen to provide the opportunity for participation to the largest number of local restaurants and cafes, and was also keen to provide places for productive families, especially since the turnout was high since the first day of the National Day celebrations in Darb Al-Saai, which provides an opportunity for the productive families and stores participating in this year to achieve gains and introduce the types of country folk food.