Qatar Poetry Center “Diwan Al-Arab”, affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, held a symposium entitled “Criticism in Literature” within the activities of Doha International Book Fair, in which poets Shabib bin Arar Al-Nuaimi, the director of Qatar Poetry Center, writer and critic Ali Al-Masoudi and poet Abdul Hamid Al-Youssef participated, which was presented by the journalist, Atta Mohammad.

During the evening, the poet Shabib bin Arar Al-Nuaimi summarized the direction of Qatar Poetry Center and its strategy in dealing with poetry according to an ethical perspective that elevates society according to the value approach that does not separate creative work from the creator’s production so that it corresponds to a moral work coupled with ethical behavior.

The poet Abdul Hameed Al-Youssef talked about modern critical approaches and the various schools that deal with the structure of the text or the structure of the text, whether literary, cultural or anatomical, which penetrate into the content.

For his part, the poet Ali Al-Masoudi went on to talk about the role of the intellectual and the role of the public as a monitoring authority that must be a partner in criticism and sorting and not turn into a sponge receiver that absorbs everything it receives without trial or extrapolation, and, thus, comparing the ancient Arab critic such as Qudama bin Jaafar, Ibn Qutayba and Ibn Salam, who belonged to their civilization and culture, and the modern critic who fell into the trap of systematic alienation, so he isolated himself from the public and saw that he was higher than them.

The poet Ali Al-Masoudi emphasized the presence of poetry in the Arab memory, considering the nation of the Arabs as the nation of the statement (Al-Bayan), and the highest poetry produced and the elite of its poetry were the Muallaqat, the elite Muallaqat Imru Al-Qays muallaqat, and the elite Muallaqat Imru al-Qays saying; (Stop crying from the memory of Habib and Manzil). Then, the Noble (Holy) Qur’an was revealed so that the Arab would know the huge distance between heavenly creativity and human speech.