Qatar Poetry Center (Diwan Al-Arab) held a new poetry evening in Darb Al Saai, in the midst of a public audience, as part of the program of cultural seminars accompanying the activities and celebrations of the National Day of the State, which falls on the eighteenth of December of each year and this year adopts a slogan for it (our unity is the source of our strength).


The evening was revived by the poets Ayed Al-Hababi, Mohammad Nasser Al-Shahwani and Ziyad Al-Otaibi, with a group of various poems on the love of the homeland, and it was moderated and introduced by the journalist Atta Mohammad.


The poets affirmed in a statement given by them that their revival of this evening came from a patriotic standpoint in the first place, as loyalty to the homeland, and an expression of their love and giving to it, which is the least that they can offer it, especially in light of this national atmosphere, which coincides with the holding of the World Cup in Qatar.


The evening discussed the issue of the poet’s relationship with general culture, as they all emphasized that the educated poet who is familiar with history and the sources of knowledge differs in his poetic lexicon and vocabulary, so they are more expressive and close to the real picture, especially since the sources of knowledge are available and accessible to all.


For his part, the poet Ziyad Al-Otaibi said that we are in Darb Al Saai on this national occasion that coincides with Qatar’s hosting of the World Cup this year, and therefore we need to express our love for the homeland and for this unique occasion, stressing that the poet’s knowledge of culture makes him capable of giving and creativity more than others.


In turn, the poet Mohammad Nasser Al-Shahwani said that the atmosphere of Darb Al Saai enhances the presence of the patriotic poem, which is distinguished in Qatar by its strength and presence, which ignites the feelings of citizens and increases their enthusiasm. Hence, patriotic poems include praising the ruler and thus have acceptance among citizens, indicating the richness of the poetic hour in Qatar with many attractive national voices.


For his part, he said that Qatar Poetry Center had announced the organization of 6 poetry evenings as part of the activities of Darb Al Saai, in addition to a symposium that talks about poetry and the role of poets in society, with the participation of a group of senior poets in society.


It is noteworthy that the activities of Darb Al Saai to celebrate the National Day of the State will continue until the eighteenth of December at its permanent headquarters in Umm Salal Mohammed.