In the middle of a purely patriotic atmosphere, highly dominated by the sound of poetry, a number of poets chanted during a new poetry evening within the activities of the National Day of the State 2022 in Darb Al Saai, where they read the most beautiful words, in the love of the homeland, affirming the depth of belonging to it, supporting the national identity, and strengthening Qatar’s old inherited legacy.

The evening was attended by the poets: Mashari Belil Al-Otaibi, Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Nuaimi, and Saeed Al-Dahabib, and it was moderated by Atta Mohammad, the journalist.

During the evening, the poets sang their love for the homeland, in the presence of a crowd that interacted with the poems of the poets, which bore a purely patriotic character. The poets emphasized that their revival of this evening came from a patriotic standpoint in the first place, loyalty to the homeland, and an expression of their love and giving to it, which is the least that they can offer it, especially in light of this national atmosphere, which coincides with the holding of the first FIFA World Cup tournament – Qatar 2022 on Arab soil

For his part, the poet Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Nuaimi described the evening as “wonderful in terms of organization and audience turnout on the stage, and I enjoyed participating and listening to the poems of my fellow creative poets.”

He continued by saying that: His participation in the evening in his capacity as a Qatari poet during the activities of the National Day of the State came to show the role of the poet in the society and to convey some messages through poems, including verses that show pride and appreciation for the state, and its organization of the 2022 World Cup, in addition to reciting some social poems, which are summarized and titled as follows: “The livelihood is in the hands of God,” “A month’s handshake,” and “I struggle with my circumstances.”

He thanked the Qatari Poetry Center “Diwan Al-Arab”, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, for inviting him to participate in this evening, as well as organizing it as part of the activities of the National Day in Darb Al Saai.

As for the poet Mashari Balayel Al-Otaibi, he said: On the National Day, poetry reaffirms the poet’s humanity through his emotional expression and continues with the linguistic and national identity, in order to address the human values shared by peoples, because poetry transforms the words of simple poems into a stimulus for peace, love, giving, and the communication of the deepest diverse cultures. ..

His Excellency expressed his happiness with the participation of his fellow poets during the same evening, “During which I flirted with poetry in my country, and it became more beautiful and “Pointed out that the most prominent titles of his poems that he recited are “The World Cup, Universal Logic, The Clothes of Guidance, and Abu Dulama.”

In turn, the poet Saeed Al-Dahabib confirmed that his participation in the poetry evening came within the framework of his keenness to participate in the National Day, and the need for the poet to be present in such forums, especially in the celebrations of the National Day of the State, “because the poet is the tongue of society, and therefore it is necessary that his presence is intense on such occasions.”

He described the evening as wonderful, and its magnificence was increased by the presence of his fellow poets and the audience, and his interaction with the poems, as he began his poems with a patriotic poem that deepens national belonging and affirms loyalty to the wise leadership.

He said that based on the fact that poets have to present poems with meaningful messages, I read a social poem about divorce, highlighting its negative effects on children and the family, and the evening concluded with two parts; he called on poets to be present in such large national forums; besides, he thanked the Qatar Poetry Center “Diwan Al-Arab” for its role in serving poetry and poets