Al-Jasra Cultural Salon holds a poetry evening under the title “Steadfast Palestine”. This evening comes within the framework of the activities of Al-Jasra Club, which coincides with the continuous injustices and attacks against the brotherly Palestinian people, which he met with steadfastness, courage and adherence to their land, which made them the focus of the world’s attention and respect. The poet Jamal Hariri holds a master’s degree from the American University and has published a collection of poetry entitled (Qatar Is The Hope), and has a collection of collections in print and publication:

The flashes of the soul, the love of the soul, the masters and the slaves, the secrets of thought and spirit. This evening will be held at the headquarters of Al-Jasra Club in Souq Waqif starting at seven in the evening and will be managed by writer Hanan Badie, coordinator of Al-Jasra Salon.