In the framework of cooperation between the cultures to enrich cultural exchange, a persian translation of the poetry collection by Qatari poetess and writer, member of the Qatari Forum for Authors, Samira Ebeid, “A Tree in a Cloud’s Trunk” has been published by Persian publishing House Ketabkeda Arshida. The collection was translated by Persian translator Prof. Dr. Aati Obyat, professor of Modern Literature, University of Farhangian.
Poetess Samira Ebeid is a pioneer poetess on the Qatari scene where translated works are concerned since her poetry collections were translated to French, Spanish and Urdu. Translation into Persian of her collection “A Tree in a Cloud’s Trunk” is the first of its kind for women literary work.
This collection was selected to be translated due to the beauty of the language used. It is loaded with figures of speech, metaphors, similes and fine sentiments. It also depicts anxiety, nostalgia, love of the sea, desert, and of quiet life that combine originality with creativity forming a wonderful cognitive image. The aim desired from rendering this collection into Persian is to introduce the poetess and her cognitive and artistic ability  to Persian public, literary figures and cultured elite thus acquainting them to Qatari literary production in general. The Persian cultured are always keen on being in continuous touch with the Qatari Literature. Such connection can only be realized through translation since it is the only channel through which there is cross-pollination of ideas and establishing a cultural dialogue that draws together all people around the world.
Persian Translator Prof. Aati Obayat said that he has chosen this collection to translate and print into Persian to introduce the works of Samira Ebeid to Persian readers. Poetess Ebeid’s star is on the rise in both the Arab and Qatari scenes. She depicts in her works artistic scenes loaded with excitement, similes, metaphors and juxtapositions that make the content of her poetry interpretable to several meanings. She attempts to employ the language to convey several connotations to produce worlds of artistic creativity and innovation. Thus, she achieved cultural and literary accomplishments loaded with mature artistic experiences embedded in their dramatic and constructive manifestations in order to reach sublime ideas and ideals represented first in the human being, then in wisdom, and lastly in creativity.

Dr. Obayat stressed that translation is one factor of cognitive progress and sublimity as it is a bridge that connects between cultures. Translation is a lofty literary platform and a human activity indispensable to access scientific and heritage treasures cherished by other peoples. Through this tool peoples are able to convey their heritage to other foreign languages and cultures so as to establish a path of accord, exchange of ideas and cultures as well as strengthen and enhance relations among peoples and nations.
It is also worth mentioning here that the poetry collection “A Tree in a Cloud’s Trunk” was published in Arabic in 2015 by Arweqa for Studies and Publishing in Cairo and was reviewed in more than one critical article. The collection has gained fame so much that it  has been translated into Persian.